Late Night Talk Shows

I have to admit to a certain fascination with American late-night shows. It started out innocently enough with Jay Leno and David Letterman which have been a mainstay of Danish television for years on end.

By chance, a friend of mine introduced me to Conan O’Brien and I thought he was brilliant, for a time. I stopped watching Letterman and Leno entirely after I discovered his brilliance. When he got Leno’s spot on Late Night I was thrilled, but he didn’t do well with the new format in my opinion. He was, as everyone is painfully aware, shortly thereafter kicked out by Leno again and wound up on Cable instead.
He has, in my opinion, lost his “mojo”. I don’t get the enjoyment I used to from watching his show, and as such I’ve stopped viewing it entirely.

Fortunately I was fortunate enough to stumble, by sheer blind luck, over Craig Ferguson who is absolutely hilarious.
Could be that I’m just a sucker for dark humour, which I admittedly am, but he just seems to have a much better screen presence and he never fails to get me to laugh.

Craig & Geoff on the Late Late Show

Between him and Jon Stewart on the Daily Show I’m in heaven! My worry is that eventually he’ll go the way of Conan and lose his way. Hopefully he’ll stick to the format that works, even if he gets promoted to an earlier timeslot.

For now, I’ll do my darnedest to enjoy Jon Stewart and Craig Ferguson with Geoffrey Peterson for as long as it lasts. Hopefully, it’ll be years and years still until some CEO decides to RUIN everything.