Internet Explorer Add-On List

This is for blocking internet explorer extensions that are unwanted in the corporate space. I could find not resource available with these CLSID’s, so I had to install the unwanted add-ons and get them myself, hopefully this will save some of you some time.

Each entry is marked with a date, since this list won’t be relevant in perpetuity. As I discover issues, I will update with new entries.

The policy has to be made in Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Security Features > Add-On Management : Add-on List

How it's displayed in AD.

How it’s displayed in AD.

To disable you enter the unique ID; including brackets {}. A value of 0 will deactivate the add-on from running in IE. This will not prevent installation nor will it, in the case of Amazon, actually remove the button. It will prevent it’s functionality, however, which is what my aim is, as Amazon in particular caused scripting errors interrupting our end users in their tasks.

Amazon 1Button / Assistant - January 2017
Amazon 1Button / Assistant Helper - January 2017
Google Toolbar - January 2017
Google Toolbar Helper - January 2017
Intel Truekey - January 2017
Intel Truekey Helper - January 2017

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